Fashion Survival Guide: How To Have The Perfect Prom Dress At Less Than A Thousand

Prom dresses can cost thousands especially when it has all those lovely intricate designs that you are convinced will show off all your gorgeous assets. With that said, it is not necessary to spend more for a one-night dress and dread your credit card bill at the same time. There are different ways for you to have the perfect prom dress without having to spend too much and some even cost less than a few dollars or so.

Mom’s Closet

One of the best places to get that perfect prom dress is from your mom’s closet or your grandma’s especially if you are having a retro or themed party. The best part is that it is vintage and free. All you need to do is to add accessories or alter it to fit your size and if your mom or grandma is the same size as you are, then all you really need to do is to have it cleaned up. As most clothes are complete outfits, you would probably find several accessories such as rings, bracelets and other fashion accessories that fit the theme as well.

Thrift Shops/Discount Stores

It might sound tacky but finding a good bargain starts at the local discount store or thrift shops. Some also call it “Dollar Store” as all things are sold for a dollar or less. Some clothes may look too worn so patience is the key here. Look at several clothes and more often than not you will find one or two that just have few damages which you can repair yourself. If you love to sew or know someone who is creative, you can probably alter the old design and create a new ensemble.

D-I-Y Dress

If you love getting down and dirty, then designing your own evening gown or prom dress is just the thing. You don’t have to stick with the traditional chiffon or silk to make your own gown as other fabrics or materials would do as well. Some fabrics that you can use include polyester and rayon which cost less than chiffon or silk. If you intend to use silk, there are some shops that can give you discounts if you buy it per yard.

Online Stores

On the downside, if your mom’s or grandma’s clothes are just not the appropriate ones and you are short of time to make your own, you can also check online for bargain or affordable prom dresses. There are plenty of stores in the web that offer celebrity-inspired dresses that are sold for less than the original ones and can only cost you about $100-$200. Some sites also offer half price for clothes that are only worn once by the owner which one can usually find on bid sites. Do however check for the size as well as ask questions about the condition of the dress and the estimate delivery time to ensure that you will get the dress a few days before your prom night.